The countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games, Huayi Lighting shines in the third Asian Games Hall of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center!

August 03, 2023

Huayi Lighting shines in the third Asian Games Hall of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. With the light of professionalism, art, intelligence, health and technology, it blooms Hangzhou's thousand-year-old song rhyme and tells the story of China's Asian Games.

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Qianjiang tide rises, Asian Games flourishes

In September this year, the 19th Asian Games will soon start "Hangzhou"

Huayi Lighting shines in the third Asian Games Hall of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center

With the light of professionalism, art, intelligence, health and technology

Blooming Hangzhou Millennium Song Yun, Telling the Story of China's Asian Games

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Asian Games Hall III (main gymnasium and swimming pool)

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Asian Games III Hall, with a total construction area of ​​582,000 square meters, is composed of the main gymnasium, swimming pool and comprehensive training hall. At present, the world's largest non-linear shape of the connection between the two pavilions, and the "big and small lotus" not far away complement each other, and together form the future city landmark of Hangzhou.

At that time, the "Hua Butterfly" double hall will hold basketball, swimming, diving and synchronized swimming and other competitions, and 53 gold medals will be determined, which is the Asian Games venue that has produced the most gold medals. Huayi Lighting provides professional outdoor landscape lighting solutions for the third venue of the Asian Games, writes the Chinese-style romance of "Galaxy Phantom", integrates smart lighting technology, and demonstrates the ultimate fusion of "culture + technology + sports".

As the host city of this Asian Games, Hangzhou has a unique urban charm, where the strong Jiangnan heritage and the cutting-edge technology of modern trends converge here. Therefore, the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee hopes that Huayi can embellish the design of the venue from the lighting and tell the story of Hangzhou.

Making every effort to build Hangzhou Asian Games boutique project, Huayi undertook the outdoor landscape lighting of the basement and first floors of the main gymnasium and swimming pool. Since the construction drawings were issued earlier for this project, some drawings required secondary deepening of the lighting design, so the site needed to deepen the design, confirm the scheme and carry out the construction and installation at the same time, which put forward great requirements for the comprehensive technical capabilities of Huayi Lighting Engineering.

The Huayi team conducted an in-depth joint review of the project construction drawings, held a special meeting on the shortcomings of the lighting design in the drawings, construction technology, and construction difficulty, and proposed a feasible optimization plan. Faced with challenges such as deepening, confirmation, construction and cross-operation, the Huayi team organized manpower and material resources in a short period of time to deliver the project with high quality, demonstrating rapid response capabilities and strong engineering strength.

According to the appearance design of the third Asian Games Pavilion and the characteristics of the surrounding environment, Huayi focused on improving the night scene lighting of its surrounding landscape. Among them, Huayi arranged the underwater lights of the pool at the main entrance of the venue, refracting light to embellish the double-layer full-covering silver-white metal curtain wall on the outer facade; together with the vertically arranged railing lights of the main entrance steps in the north and south, it looks like stars converging towards the venue when viewed from a high altitude. Together, they reflect the floodlighting of the night scene with the theme of "Galaxy Phantom".

In addition, through greening and lighting, event platform lighting and trail lighting outside the venue, Huayi increases the expressiveness of the supporting facilities of the venue at night, and improves the overall landscape effect of the third Asian Games venue at night. Under the radiance of lights, the main gymnasium and swimming pool are like butterflies with wings, swimming in the deep Milky Way, vividly interpreting the Hangzhou cultural theme of "turning butterflies".

The venues are huge in size, with various functions and complex equipment. During the event, there is a large flow of people. In order to ensure the stability of the Asian Games, Huayi actively responded to the concept of "green, smart, frugal, and civilized" in the Hangzhou Asian Games. The street lighting scheme and the upgrading and transformation of the lighting intelligent control system will enable lighting to play a more important role in providing high-quality public services, reducing costs, and achieving sustainable development.

Huayi has upgraded the LED scheme of the original traditional light source tree lights and lawn lights. The upgraded tree lights and lawn lights have high luminous efficiency, low power consumption and long service life. At the same time, Huayi adopted a smart street lighting solution for garden lights, and upgraded the overall lighting intelligent control system, connected to the IBMS comprehensive operation and maintenance management platform, and measured and monitored the energy consumption of each building in real time.

IBMS integrated operation and maintenance management platform for the third Asian Games Pavilion

In the future, the night scene flood lighting system of venues will be set up in four modes: weekdays, festivals, competitions, and energy saving according to different festivals, seasons, and urban lighting needs, helping to improve the energy-saving operation and management level of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center.

From the Beijing Olympics to the Beijing Winter Olympics

From Guangzhou Asian Games to Hangzhou Asian Games

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Huayi Lighting, meet you at the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games

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