Won the title of "Industry Leading Brand" for the eighth consecutive time, Huayi Lighting's 2023 is heading towards the light!

January 17, 2024

Huayi Lighting won the "Highlight Award-Leading Brand in China's Lighting Industry" for the eighth time!

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On December 26, the 2023 China Lighting Industry Brand Conference was grandly held in Huayi Plaza, the ancient town of Dengdu. Government leaders, industry experts, outstanding manufacturers, super dealers, business association representatives and other guests gathered at the banquet to explore new development paths in 2024. Huayi Lighting has won the "Highlight Award - Leading Brand in China's Lighting Industry" for the eighth time with its long-term brand value accumulation and sustained growth in business performance!

▸2023 China Lighting and Lighting Industry Brand Conference◂

Badu's consecutive title as "Industry Leader" demonstrates the resilience, strength and mission of a leader in the lighting industry. In 2023, Huayi Lighting will actively embrace changes and adhere to the organic unity of operational specialization and business diversification. At the same time, it will focus innovative resources on the most competitive channel sales and engineering business areas, and use business leadership to drive brand value to new highs.

▸Leading Brand in China’s Lighting Industry in 2023◂

1. Domestic channels, stabilizing quantity and improving quality

In 2023, Huayi will implement the business philosophy of "Quality·Speed·Innovation", while stabilizing the scale of more than 1,900 terminal stores, it will focus on improving the quality of store operations: establishing a system that connects sales, R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, finance and people. The powerful full-link module system efficiently responds to terminal expansion and growth needs. At the same time, relying on product optimization and innovation and digital marketing such as the Douyin city plan, we will accelerate the integration of online and offline channels and improve the store's customer acquisition, conversion and transaction capabilities.

▸2023 Autumn New Product and Strategy Conference◂

While meeting the one-stop needs of users, Huayi Lighting pays full attention to the intensive cultivation of new traffic channels, such as designer channels, real estate channels, e-commerce&For new retail channels, we will continue to strengthen cross-border cooperation with home decoration companies and design companies, develop professional program-based sales models, create terminal new retail localized services, and greatly enhance the brand's ability to reach consumers.

2. Engineering business, polish the golden signboard

Continuing to improve the technical level and market competitiveness of the engineering business, Huayi upgraded its engineering operation center in 2023, positioning itself as a professional "lighting engineering overall solution service provider", relying on a strong team, injecting a new lineup of strategic adjustments, and in the country While conquering cities and territories on the external engineering lighting map, we can better empower dealers and operators to develop engineering growth points, and provide all-round services and support required for lighting engineering projects.

▸Huayi Lighting×Hangzhou Asian Games Asian Games Hall 3◂

▸Huayi Lighting×China National Version Museum◂

Only leading brands can shoulder the heavy responsibility of national projects. In 2023, Huayi successively built lighting projects such as the China National Edition Pavilion, Guangzhou Pine Garden, and the International Hall of Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center, perfectly interpreting the service spirit of "never miss a major event". At the Hangzhou Asian Games, Huayi used green and low-energy professional lighting overall solutions, integrated with intelligent lighting, to light up the third Asian Games Hall of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center.

3. High-end retail, building high-end brand influence

High-end customized lighting has always been one of Huayi's hallmarks. More than 30 years of professional custom lighting design and production experience, full-scenario and full-home customization capabilities, and a complete one-stop service system are important supports for Huayi to achieve brand differentiation and high-end development. In order to broaden sales channels, Huayi Lighting International Pavilion will launch online live broadcast in 2023, and rely on its strong new retail capabilities and online business growth to achieve continued improvement in overall operations.

▸Huayi Lighting International Pavilion◂

4. Overseas business, leveraging the global market

Continuing to expand the "global circle of friends", Huayi Lighting will appear in major domestic and overseas exhibitions such as the Dubai International Lighting Exhibition and the Hong Kong International Lighting Exhibition in 2023, opening up a new situation in foreign trade, actively expanding global high-quality partners and launching multiple joint brands to lead the lighting industry The pace of globalization of lighting brands.

In recent years, Huayi has deepened its connection with the "Belt and Road" industrial chain and has become a major lighting engineering service provider in countries along the route. It has continued to improve its own technical level and innovation capabilities, and has embarked on a global high-quality development path with Huayi's characteristics.

Win the market with quality, seize opportunities with speed, promote development with innovation, and lead with business! In 2024, Huayi Lighting will continue to adhere to high-quality development, firmly fulfill the brand mission of "industry leader", continue to evolve, and strive to promote brand building to a higher level!

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