At the 2023 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair, Huayi Lighting has another new surprise!

October 30, 2023

Huayi Lighting actively expands high-quality partners around the world to share development opportunities.

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October 27-30,2023 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting FairOfficially launched at the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Center in Hong Kong.

Following the successful conclusion of its trip to the Canton Fair, Huayi Lighting will continue to compete at the 2023 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, actively expanding high-quality partners around the world and sharing development business opportunities.

In the current context of transformation, upgrading and integration innovation in the lighting industry, this Hong Kong Lighting Fair will"Innovative lighting, lighting up eternal business opportunities"With the theme of innovative lighting products as the focus, it attracted more than 3,000 exhibitors.

Huayi Lighting debuted with a brand-new booth image and innovative products, systematically displaying Huayi's innovative products and achievements in the fields of engineering lighting, commercial lighting, and indoor lighting, making new partners and seeking new cooperation!

Light up unlimited business opportunities with innovation and actively expand global high-quality customers

The newly designed booth image of Huayi Lighting fully balances "practical design" and "aesthetic design". Various star lamps are arranged and combined in different ways and quantities, giving full play to the display value of every inch of space, and well highlighting the indoor atmosphere. While high-end lighting art, it also demonstrates the powerful functions of professional lighting products, creating a rich and deep lighting space.

At this exhibition, Huayi Lighting focused on promotingCustomized LED floodlight series products, Inspire modular hotel spotlights, Swarovski series crystal chandeliers, magneto-optical series magnetic track lights, a variety of original modern decorative lighting products, and outdoor landscape lighting intelligence provided for the SCO summit project in Uzbekistan solution.Rich product lines and solutions fully meet the needs of customers in various markets and channels.

Magneto-optical series intelligent mainless lamp

Extremely narrow modular design, free combination and matching, the whole set of lamps can be networked and group controlled

INSPIRE modular hotel spotlights

It adopts modular design and provides a variety of face rings and optical lens options to meet the needs of professional engineering lighting.

Swarovski series non-standard customized crystal lamp

Innovative mesh structure, combined with imported Swarovski crystals, creates a new form of modern light luxury crystal lamp

Customized LED floodlights

It has an innovative design of anti-oil pollution, thermoelectric separation, minimalist design style, and a scale adjustment design, which can be used in a variety of scenarios.

Among the large number of new and old customers visiting, the site also welcomedHong Kong Huayi Partners and Hong Kong Electronics Industry Association (HKEIA)one line,

Su Shuxian, Director of Huayi Lighting's International Business Department, received and introduced Huayi's exhibition status and latest products in detail, and had in-depth exchanges on expanding international trade business.

▲A delegation from Huayi Hong Kong’s strategic partners and the Hong Kong Electronics Industry Chamber of Commerce visited

Thanks to Huayi Lighting's continuous efforts and innovation in the engineering field, its outdoor, home, hotel engineering and other lighting products and solutions have an excellent reputation overseas.

Therefore, a large number of overseas exhibitors come here because of its reputation. In just a few days, Huayi Lighting’s cooperation with intended customers in countries along the “Belt and Road” has achieved further solid development.

And we have actively expanded more high-quality and reliable strategic partners from the Middle East, Europe and the United States, laying a good foundation for the growth of foreign trade orders and the development of overseas engineering business.

▲Huayi Lighting has in-depth exchanges with global partners to seek cooperation opportunities

Through this exhibition, Huayi Lighting demonstrated Huayi's innovative achievements in home, business, and engineering and its international forward-looking vision to professional customers at home and abroad.

Through discussions with customers and exclusive media interviews, we can more intuitively understand the current development trends of the lighting industry.

Find a more advanced direction for future corporate innovation, R&D and overseas market expansion, and continue to bring new surprises to the market!

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