This Hangzhou Asian Games is full of "Huayi"

September 23, 2023

Huayi Lighting is honored to participate in the landscape lighting of the third Asian Games Hall of the Olympic Sports Center and the Jinhua Asian Games Village.

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The tide rises in the Qianjiang River, and the Asian Games flourishes

On the evening of September 23, the 19th Asian Games kicked off with great fanfare

Huayi Lighting is honored to participate

Landscape lighting of Olympic Sports Center Asian Games Hall 3 and Jinhua Asian Games Village

With the light of professionalism, art, intelligence, health and technology

Hangzhou's thousand-year Song Dynasty blooms, telling the story of China's Asian Games

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Asian Games Hall 3

Writing with light [Galaxy Phantom] Chinese romance empowers the first carbon-neutral Asian Games with smart lighting

As the venue for this Asian Games, Hangzhou has a unique urban charm, where the rich Jiangnan heritage and modern cutting-edge technology converge. Huayi Lighting provides outdoor landscape lighting solutions for the three Asian Games venues and integrates smart lighting technology to demonstrate the ultimate integration of "culture + technology + sports" and tell the city story of Hangzhou.

▲Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Asian Games Hall 3

In order to increase the expressiveness of the venue and its supporting facilities at night, Huayi has made great efforts in the landscape lighting areas of the gymnasium and swimming pool, focusing on improving the surrounding greening and lighting, activity platform lighting and walkway lighting outside the venue:

▲Venue outdoor landscape lighting

By arranging underwater lights in the pool at the main entrance of the venue, the double-layer silver-white metal curtain wall embellishes the exterior facade; together with the vertically arranged north and south main entrance step railing lights, it looks like starlight converging towards the venue when viewed from high altitude, setting off the "Galaxy Phantom" Themed landscape lighting.

▲Venue outdoor landscape lighting

In addition, the Asian Games venues are huge in size, have diverse functions, and have complicated equipment. There will be a large flow of people during the games. In order to ensure the stable progress of the Asian Games, Huayi actively responded to the "green, smart, frugal, and civilized" concept of hosting the games and upgraded it through LED solutions. , smart street lighting solutions and upgraded lighting intelligent control systems, setting up multiple modes according to different festivals, seasons, and city lighting needs to help Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center improve its energy-saving operation and management level.

▲Venue outdoor landscape lighting

Zhejiang Jinhua Asian Games Branch Village

Yikou Translation Factory’s Wu-style Architecture] The ancient charm of Suzhou and Hangzhou connects ancient times and the future at the intersection of Jiangnan’s mountains and rivers

In the Asian Games, which is full of modernity, technology and intelligence, Jinhua Asian Games Village has become a "different" existence - located in Jinhua Chishan Park, gathering the ancient charm of Suhang among the gray tiles and white walls, and in the landscape The Fusion Office connects the past and the future, providing athletes, technical officials and media personnel with unique comprehensive event services.

▲Jinhua Asian Games Branch Village

In order to show the quiet, elegant and elegant design style of the "Wu Pai Architecture" in Jinhua Asian Games Branch, Huayi Lighting provides customized product selection and supply services in accordance with the night scene lighting design theme of "landscape, beauty of space". The verandas, stone paths, stone bridges and lake pavilions are illuminated in a targeted manner, and with the help of the continuity and rhythm of light and shadow, the Jiangnan garden scene of blue bricks and black tiles, pavilions, corridors and pavilions is depicted under the night, fully satisfying the game time function. There are multiple needs for lighting and post-game use as an urban public complex.

Based on the different patterns and shapes of the three functional areas of the media area, official area and athlete area, Huayi conducted various explorations on the materials, textures, colors, etc. used in outdoor lamps to ensure the beauty of the lighting and architectural space and the overall shape of the lighting. The expressions complement each other to achieve the best lighting and lighting decoration effects.

Professional service guarantee

Injecting brand warmth into the Hangzhou Asian Games

At the beginning of 2019, Huayi established a special working group to prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games lighting project and provide one-on-one service and docking. After two years of fighting against the epidemic, overcoming difficulties and ensuring delivery deadlines, Huayi's team delivered the project with high quality, demonstrating its excellent engineering strength.

▲Project installation

At the beginning of 2021 and the middle of this year, the landscape lighting of the third Asian Games hall and the lighting project of Jinhua Asian Games Village have been successfully completed. Inspection and maintenance were carried out some time ago to ensure the smooth operation of lighting control and lighting fixtures, and to fully prepare for the following Asian Games. Prepare.

▲Inspection and maintenance before opening

From the Beijing Olympics to the Beijing Winter Olympics

From Guangzhou Asian Games to Hangzhou Asian Games

Huayi Lighting has always accompanied China Sports in its long-distance running

Huayi wishes the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games a complete success

Next, let the world witness our shining

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