Helping the high-quality development of the lighting industry in Guzhen, Huayi will be so "hurricane" in 2023

February 09, 2023
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On February 1, Kuang Zhi, secretary of the Guzhen Town Party Committee, Zhou Jintian, member of the Town Party Committee and deputy mayor, and Zhu Yanzhen, head of the Town's Industry, Information Technology and Commerce Bureau, and their entourage visited Huayi to launch a new spring warm enterprise visit. Huayi Group Chairman Qu Jinbiao received and accompanied them. Both parties extended New Year blessings, and the government and enterprises worked together to discuss the high-quality economic development of Dengdu Ancient Town.



△ Kuang Zhi, secretary of the town party committee (second from the right)

Qu Jinbiao, Chairman of Huayi Group (second from left)

Zhou Jintian, member of the town party committee and deputy mayor (first from left)

Zhu Yanzhen, director of the Industrial, Information Technology and Commercial Bureau of the town (first from the right)


At the exchange meeting, the chairman of Huayi Group firstly introduced the company's operating conditions to the leadership group, and showed the key work in product development and innovation, channel expansion and brand building in the past year. Subsequently, the leaders of the town carried out fruitful exchanges and guidance on Huayi's intelligent lighting business development, domestic and foreign marketing layout, and 2023 revenue targets.


The relevant person in charge of Huayi said that in recent years, Huayi has increased investment in product research and development and innovation, insisting on the combination of original lighting design and lighting specialization, creating highly recognizable high-end lighting products, and continuously expanding the proportion of intelligent products , fully meet the new consumer demand in the market, and successfully walk in the forefront of the development of the lighting industry.



The leadership team expects that Huayi will continue to be the vanguard of high-quality development, encourage Huayi to give full play to its core advantages such as industrial diversification, globalization of operations, intelligent R&D, manufacturing and original design, accelerate the realization of double breakthroughs in scale and output value, and continue to lead the lighting industry in Guzhen High-quality development.


Kuang Zhi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guzhen Town, pointed out that high-quality development depends on enterprises, and only when enterprises develop with high quality can Guzhen Town develop with high quality. As a key enterprise in the lighting capital, Huayi should not only play a role as a benchmark to help the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the lighting industry in Guzhen, but also maintain sensitivity to brand development at all times, make good use of both domestic and foreign markets and resources, and create The road of "out of the circle" with a larger scope, wider field and higher popularity has made "Huayi Lighting" truly become one of the cultural symbols exported by Chinese brands, bringing the ancient town of Dengdu and Chinese brands to the world.



Xinhua Art, a new journey! In 2023, under the strong guidance of the town government, Huayi will enter the fast lane of healthy development in an all-round way, continue to optimize the internal structure of the enterprise, expand global sales channels, increase investment in digital and intelligent upgrades, build a strong core competitiveness, and demonstrate The positioning and influence of "high-end lighting leader" will continue to lead the high-quality development of the ancient town of Dengdu!

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