Create more opportunities for dealers to make money! In 2023, Huayi will seek new growth points of "engineering lighting"!

February 28, 2023

"2023 is a very critical year for Huayi's strategic adjustment; this year, Huayi Lighting will focus on investing in the two major sectors of 'retail' and 'engineering' to create a dual growth strategy of 'retail + engineering'."

——Ou Jinbiao, Chairman of Huayi Group


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 On the afternoon of February 25th, the 2023 Huayi Engineering Center Business Promotion Conference with the theme of "Old Team, New Lineup and Recreation of Glory" was held in Guzhen, Zhongshan. The founder of Huayi Group, Ou Bingwen, Chairman Ou Jinbiao, and Vice President Ou Yingqun attended the meeting, and together with Huayi Lighting dealers from all over the country, they sought new opportunities for growth and created a new future for the industry.


The Huayi Engineering Center Business Promotion Conference revealed Huayi Lighting's greater ambition in the development of engineering lighting, allowing the industry to see Huayi's more breakthrough reform measures and more representative engineering cases. It is also impossible to ignore the strong rise of Huayi Engineering.

△ Qu Jinbiao, Chairman of Huayi Group


At the beginning of the meeting, Qu Jinbiao, chairman of Huayi Group, pointed out: "2023 is a very critical year for Huayi's strategic adjustment." At the same time, Qu Jinbiao set the general tone for 2023: Huayi Lighting will focus on "retail" and The two major sectors of "engineering" will focus on investment to create a dual growth strategy of "retail + engineering".


Qu Jinbiao said, "With the full liberalization of the epidemic, the country continues to introduce relevant policies to stabilize growth, and the construction and implementation of new and old infrastructure projects that have stagnated in the past three years will be accelerated. There are continuous market opportunities and huge development potential for domestic and foreign engineering projects. The engineering market is not only large-scale venues, but also many fields such as hotels, commercial spaces, brand chains, etc., which are all markets that dealers need to explore. Growth must be obtained! Competition in retail channels is becoming more and more fierce. Today, the engineering business is definitely an important core channel to achieve high profit growth."


"But high profits mean higher professionalism. For this reason, Huayi has comprehensively sorted out and integrated internal engineering resources and business modules, re-established an engineering center, and used a professional 'lighting engineering overall solution provider' as Huayi The new positioning of Yiyi Engineering Center will make it a service platform shared by all partners of Huayi. In the future, Huayi looks forward to further deepening cooperation with all distributors and friends, and jointly creating a new situation of growth.”

△Ou Jinbiao, Chairman of Huayi Group (left) and Au Yingqun, Vice President of Huayi Group (right)


At the meeting site, Qu Jinbiao, chairman of Huayi Group, and Qu Yingqun, vice president of Huayi Group, held the awarding ceremony of "Huayi Engineering Center", formally establishing Huayi's decision to further develop engineering lighting.

△Au Yingqun, Vice President of Huayi Group

As the person in charge of Huayi Engineering Center, Au Yingqun, vice president of Huayi Group, said that over the years, while Huayi has been committed to channel brand building for a long time, it has also been deeply rooted in the field of lighting engineering. Huayi Lighting has participated in major lighting engineering projects at home and abroad for many times, and has completed iconic lighting projects with high quality. Now, in response to the market development situation and Huayi's strategic adjustment, Huayi has reorganized its engineering center under the principle of "professional, lean and efficient". After a large-scale investigation, visit and pilot operation recently, Huayi Engineering Center has a clear process, a clear direction, and an excellent team, and everything is going smoothly.


Subsequently, Au Yingqun announced: "From now on, Huayi Engineering Center will be a platform shared by Huayi's partners. Huayi Engineering Center will provide partners with all-round services and supports required for lighting engineering projects; Huayi Engineering will The team will do its best to empower all merchants and friends, and create more opportunities for everyone to make money!"

△Su Shuxian, Deputy General Manager of International Business Department of Huayi Group

At the scene, Su Shuxian, deputy general manager of the International Business Department of Huayi Group, brought "Appreciation and Analysis of Huayi Engineering". Su Shuxian pointed out that the core strength of Huayi Engineering comes from the five dimensions of "product comprehensiveness", "lighting solution capability", "project execution capability", "quality assurance" and "team reliability".


Su Shuxian pointed out that Huayi takes a professional "lighting engineering overall solution service provider" as the new positioning of Huayi Engineering Center. Huayi is confident that Huayi's partners can fully transform their superior resources into greater value under the empowerment of Huayi Engineering Center!

Based on the solid foundation of 36 years of development, Huayi has been in the field of engineering lighting in recent years. In the field of engineering lighting, Huayi has reached strategic cooperation with high-end brands in various industries at home and abroad, and has built a total of 1,000+ large-scale lighting projects, including "Beijing Winter Olympics-New Shougang Industrial Park", "Uzbekistan SCO Summit", "Beijing Universal Studios" Downtown Jurassic World&Minion Park" and other famous engineering cases, the services cover landscape lighting, cultural tourism lighting, commercial space and hotel industry and other fields.


So far, Huayi Engineering Lighting has set off a new chapter in 2023, and the clarion call for a new round of endeavor has sounded. Huayi Engineering relies on a strong old team and injects a new lineup of strategic adjustments. I believe that the future of Huayi Engineering Lighting will surely create greater glories!

▎Written at the end

With the gradual release of epidemic prevention and control and the further recovery of the economy, major lighting and lighting companies have entered a state of grabbing opportunities and fighting for the economy. With strong strength, Huayi Lighting is actively looking for a new growth point of "engineering lighting" when "circulation lighting" has become a "red sea", and uses one after another professional engineering lighting case products and overall solution strength circle Fan, let Huayi project become a beautiful business card, fully practiced "Where there is light, there is Huayi".

Satisfying customers is the driving force for Huayi Lighting to achieve continuous commercial success and lead product progress for 36 years. Today, Huayi Engineering, which stands at a higher and newer starting point, is telling Chinese stories well with its strong engineering strength. The future of Huayi Engineering is worth looking forward to!

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