Huayi Lighting New Exhibition Hall | Full Category Display, Waiting for You to Reveal

March 21, 2024

The brand new image flagship store created by Huayi Lighting will make its debut at the 2024 spring new product launch conference! A space that integrates youth, intelligence, art and life, and displays all categories of products in experiential scenarios to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

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Huayi Lighting flagship store uses light as the medium to build visual movement lines, and the exhibition hall area is newly positioned, integrating modern, smart, light luxury, European style and other different scene areas, to draw out the youthful, energetic and diverse brand charm from point to point.

01 Modern exhibition hall: simple, smart and unique

Based on modern style, it abandons excessive decorative elements and adopts simple and clean shapes, transparent techniques and large areas of white space to present the original and clean beauty and texture of the space. Use light and shadow to shape the spatial shape, and skillfully use the changes and projections of light and shadow to make the spatial lines flow freely like light, giving viewers a simple and aesthetic visual experience.

The new Chinese-style pavilion perfectly combines tradition and fashion. Under the interweaving of light and shadow, it is like a scroll traveling through time and space, building a bridge between modernity and tradition, making the overall space full of natural flavor and the warmth of life.

02 Intelligent Exhibition Hall: “Futuristic” Immersive Space Experience

With the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent lighting has become an important part of modern home lighting. Walking into Huayi Lighting's smart home scene experience hall, you feel like you are in a microcosm of future home life. The entire experience hall is carefully laid out with multiple home scene experience areas such as smart entrance area, smart living room, smart bedroom and smart tea room. It creates light scenes in different environments and is also equipped with a voice wake-up function to provide visitors with an immersive experience. A smart home lighting experience where you can foresee the infinite possibilities of future home lighting.

03 Full range of products: meeting diverse needs

Huayi Lighting Full Category Experience Center is committed to providing consumers with one-stop lighting solutions to meet their diverse needs. The layout of the exhibition hall is based on the best flow line of the store. The flow of people in the space is natural and smooth, reducing the dead corners of the space and ensuring the diversity of product display, so that customers can have a more comprehensive understanding. At the same time, there are fewer types of materials, and the terminals can be better copied, reducing construction costs. , simple to implement.

The new exhibition hall will be unveiled on March 23, which will bring new products and technologies, as well as a series of new services. We look forward to the arrival of global merchants to witness the glorious moment together. This new product launch conference is bound to lead the development of the industry. new trend.

04 Empower terminal upgrades to facilitate quick transactions

In order to help partners quickly open the market, Huayi Lighting not only provides a full range of lighting products, but is also committed to empowering terminal upgrades and helping partners achieve rapid transactions.

First, the new retail platform. The current younger generation of consumers have their own imagination and expectations for their future homes. They not only pursue fashion, but also pay more attention to the quality of life. Huayi Lighting’s new retail platform can provide DIY independent design, allowing terminal stores to realize Limited physical space, unlimited solution display, lighting solutions and intelligent linkage upgrades can quickly double customer acquisition and sales.

Second, in order to quickly respond to terminal needs and improve competitiveness, Huayi Lighting actively negotiates and cooperates with major express companies to ensure that its products can be quickly and safely delivered to terminal stores, so that terminal stores can achieve rapid delivery .

Light gives life and soul to space, making every corner full of vitality and vitality. Huayi Lighting’s full-category experience hall will be grandly unveiled on March 23. The 2024 spring new product launch conference will explore the infinite possibilities of lighting together with more unknown surprises. Respectfully Please look forward to!

Address: Card 40-45, 9F, Huayi Plaza

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