2023 "Light Award" Double Top 10! Top 10 smart lighting brands, Top 10 home lighting brands

January 17, 2024

2023 Bright Award Brand Ceremony

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On the afternoon of December 20, the "Smart + Future" 2023 "Lighting Award" China Lighting Industry Brand Ceremony and the 2023 Future Lighting Pioneer Conference were held in the ancient town of Zhongshan, the "Lighting Capital of China". Many powerful brands in the industry gathered at the scene to focus on the industry Cutting-edge trends and jointly explore the future high-quality development path of the lighting industry.

▸2023 Bright Award Brand Ceremony◂

After millions of votes, Huayi Lighting won two awards: [Top 10 Home Lighting Brands] and [Top 10 Smart Lighting Brands]!

▸Top 10 home lighting brands◂

▸Smart lighting brands TOP10◂

“Original + Intelligent” Empowerment and Upgrading

"Annual Home Lighting Brand" TOP10

"Smart Lighting Brand of the Year" TOP10

In 2023, Huayi Lighting actively embraces changes, focuses on business development needs, innovates channel operation store system management, continuously increases investment in product research and development innovation and terminal empowerment, creates a full-category lighting, lighting, and intelligent product matrix, and innovates full-scenario intelligent lighting solutions. , fully meet market consumer demand.

Deeply cultivating home lighting channels, Huayi Lighting will simultaneously empower terminal product system upgrades, channel structure adjustments, and profit model transformation in 2023:

1️⃣Develop a professional program-based sales model, and continue to strengthen cross-border cooperation with home decoration companies and design companies to enhance the store's ability to sustain profitability;

2️⃣Accelerate online and offline traffic diversion, launch the Douyin intra-city plan, create terminal new retail localization services, and increase store transaction rates;

3️⃣Continue to optimize product categories around the two major segments of conventional home original lighting and smart home lighting to meet market demand;

4️⃣ Improve channel service capabilities, conduct terminal training around home decoration projects, smart lighting without main lights, etc., strengthen the technical service level of front-end marketing personnel, and improve the store's ability to acquire customers and deliver solutions;

5️⃣Continue to build and upgrade the flagship store of "Modern Smart Hall" to further increase the number of terminal stores and ensure market share.

Taking creating a healthy light environment as the starting point and taking intelligent interconnection as the direction of lighting upgrades, Huayi has a precise insight into users' personalized, intelligent and customized lighting consumption needs. On the one hand, it introduces new home lighting products, covering original themed lighting and full-spectrum series. New products, household main lights and smart home appliances and accessories products meet the needs of young consumer groups.

On the other hand, Huayi continues to enrich and iterate intelligent lighting products, provide more complete full-scenario intelligent lighting solutions, and realize the application expansion of Huayi intelligent lighting in more scenarios in the fields of engineering buildings and commercial spaces.

From whole-house intelligence to professional scenarios such as smart offices, smart classrooms, supermarket chains, smart garages, star-rated hotels and industrial lighting, Huayi Lighting relies on its rich full-category lighting products and engineering product resources to continue to expand the cooperation model with decoration companies. , to create full-scenario intelligent lighting solution capabilities to help customers save energy and effectively improve business operation efficiency.

Only reformers advance, only innovators are strong! In 2024, Huayi Lighting will continue to adhere to high-quality development and deepen the reform of efficient operation and management. Through a series of powerful measures such as precise strategies, brand upgrades, innovative products, service improvements, and channel breakthroughs, we will help partners break through innovation and embark on a path of high-quality development. The road to new beginnings!

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