Huayi Lighting: Light up the future of the industry and build a glorious chapter together

March 22, 2024

As an industry leader, Huayi Lighting has always stood at the forefront of the times, keeping up with the pace of technological development and driven by technological innovation to create efficient, environmentally friendly and intelligent lighting products to meet the diverse needs of the market and consumers. Over the years, with its excellent quality, innovative spirit and professional service, it has won widespread praise from customers at home and abroad.

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Breaking through industry boundaries, wisdom from “1” to “N”

Huayi Lighting's product lines are rich and diverse, covering commercial lighting, home lighting, engineering lighting, outdoor lighting and other fields. Whether it is a high-end commercial space or a warm and comfortable home environment, we can provide perfect lighting solutions. Huayi Lighting's products not only have excellent performance and quality, but also pay attention to the integration with space and the transmission of emotions, making every space glow with unique brilliance.

△Huayi Lighting new product ordering fair in previous years

In 2024, Huayi Lighting will implement a higher-level strategic layout. At the upcoming "2024 Huayi Lighting Spring New Product Launch Conference", it will officially unveil a new flagship exhibition hall, which combines modern aesthetics and practical functions. Through clever light and shadow layout and scene settings, allowing viewers to intuitively feel the charm and characteristics of Huayi lighting products, bringing a new consumer experience.

At the same time, Huayi Lighting will also bring multiple series, covering all categories of strategic new products and technologies in home, smart, commercial and other fields, to provide consumers with intuitive, systematic and professional overall solutions.

△Huayi Lighting’s new flagship exhibition hall

Original + intelligent, full scene lighting intelligent solution

Huayi Lighting has accurately captured the development trend of modern home lighting, taking creating a healthy light environment as the starting point and taking intelligent interconnection as the lighting upgrade direction. Huayi Lighting covers original theme lighting, full-spectrum series of new products, home-less main lights and smart home appliances and accessories to meet the diverse needs of the market.

On the other hand, Huayi continues to enrich and iterate its smart lighting product matrix. Whether it is for home, commercial or industrial lighting, Huayi can provide a series of smart and efficient lighting solutions, integrating smart lighting with smart garages, smart buildings, Star hotels and other systems are seamlessly connected to realize the intelligence, networking and visualization of lighting systems. It has the ability to provide full-scenario intelligent lighting solutions to help customers save energy and effectively improve business operation efficiency.

Dig deeper into overseas business and leverage the global market

Huayi Lighting has always been committed to providing professional lighting solutions to global customers and strongly expanding its "global circle of friends". In 2023, it will appear in major exhibitions at home and abroad such as the Dubai International Lighting Exhibition and the Hong Kong International Lighting Exhibition, attracting a large number of professional buyers. Consult and negotiate business and successfully reach business cooperation.

△Huayi × “Belt and Road” projects

In 2024, Huayi Lighting will continue to adhere to high-quality development, be driven by innovation, be committed to improving product quality and innovation, provide global consumers with more high-quality and professional lighting products and services, promote the process of brand internationalization, and let The light of Huayi Lighting illuminates every corner of the world.

△Huayi Industrial Park

March 23, Huayi Lighting

The 2024 new product launch conference is about to kick off

Brand new image flagship store, one-stop lighting solution

And a series of blockbuster new products that lead the industry trend are ready to go.

Here, we sincerely invite global dealers and partners

Come to the site for a tasting and join in the great event!

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