A collection of highlights from the 2024 Huayi Lighting spring new product launch conference! Everything you want to know is here!

March 29, 2024

Look at ancient towns for world lighting, and look at Huayi for lighting in ancient towns. On March 23, jointly open a chapter of art and the future of art exhibition

2024 Huayi Lighting Spring New Product Launch Conference

Held grandly in Huayi Square, Dengdu Ancient Town

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Let’s start a chapter together and show the future of art.

Speech by the President of Huayi Group

First of all, President Ou Yingqun took the stage to deliver a speech and expressed her warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the guests and partners. She said: In the past year, we have experienced the ups and downs of the market together and witnessed the company’s growth. Growth and change, Huayi Lighting has always been committed to innovation, quality and service.

▲Ou Yingqun, President of Huayi Group

Every dealer is our valuable partner. Because of you, Huayi can become what it is today. Today, we are gathered together to participate in this grand event and discuss future development strategies. I firmly believe that with our joint efforts, we will be able to create new glory!

Channel + product + empowerment + win-win situation

2024 Domestic Marketing Plan

Zhang Jintuo, deputy general manager of Huayi Lighting’s Domestic Marketing Division, brought the 2024 domestic marketing plan, which will develop collaboratively from the four dimensions of channels, products, empowerment, and win-win to respond to market changes and meet the growing personality of consumers. ation and differentiated needs.

▲Deputy General Manager of Huayi Lighting Domestic Marketing Division Zhang Jintuo

In terms of channels, we will expand exclusive areas, promote the amoeba business model, increase the pace of terminal store construction, continue the centralized operations of commandos, and achieve resource exchange through Douyin intra-city, new retail, trade exhibitions, etc., and diversify the channel construction.

In terms of products, the products are divided into categories, including traffic products, profit products, image products, etc., to further refine the grade and combination of products.

In terms of empowerment, the three key points of "promoting growth, ensuring delivery, and strengthening after-sales" will provide dealers with greater motivation to advance.

In terms of win-win, we actively seek win-win cooperation with partners to jointly develop markets and share resources. "One Huayi, one brand, one culture! Long-term win-win cooperation is our common goal!"

Grab the market + differentiate

New products in spring 2024 are unveiled

Peng Xiaofan, director of domestic marketing product development of Huayi Lighting, brought to everyone the eye-catching 2024 product strategic plan and spring new product release, which shocked the audience. Through the supporting combination of "grabbing the market + differentiation", we can quickly open up new development space in the highly competitive lighting industry.

▲Peng Xiaofan, Domestic Marketing Product Development Director of Huayi Lighting

In terms of product positioning, it is divided into three grades: Value Select Series, Elegant Select Series, and Black He Select Series to meet the consumer needs of different customer groups. In terms of functions, it focuses on launching light intelligence, full spectrum, and systematic intelligent solutions. The new products include home lighting, light smart products, commercial lighting, systematic smart product matrix, full spectrum series of new products, switch panels and other leading products.

Positioning mid-to-high-end, cost-effective

New Retail Report Product Introduction and Policies

Then, Cui Dongyang, the new retail director of domestic marketing of Huayi Lighting, introduced the 2024 product planning direction and new product selling points. Positioned in the mid-to-high end and cost-effective, this season's new retail lighting inherits the new Chinese style, expands French light luxury and new categories, meets the personalized expression of the new generation of consumers, and meets the lighting needs of different application scenarios.

▲Cui Dongyang, Domestic Marketing and New Retail Director of Huayi Lighting

At the end, we brought you the support policies for this ordering fair, aiming to provide strong support and guarantee for dealers and partners to jointly explore the market and achieve win-win development.

Explosive policies, “gold” happiness continues

There was a purchasing craze at the scene

At this new product launch conference, Huayi launched 109 series of new lighting products, 567 single products, as well as full-spectrum, smart switch and electrical appliance products. It has a very competitive advantage in the market and will be a way for dealers to win the market. Big weapon. Zhan Yinle, director of domestic marketing and market operations of Huayi Lighting, announced unprecedented support policies on the spot to help dealers reach new performance peaks.

▲Zhan Yinle, Director of Domestic Marketing and Operations of Huayi Lighting

Aishifu Crystal x Huayi Lighting

The world's number one lighting crystal manufacturer

Mr. Omar Khamis Asfour, CEO of Asfour Crystal, said that China is a strategic market with great potential, and cooperation with Huayi is a good channel. He hopes that we can integrate love and crystal in the future and become Shining works of art create extraordinary experiences for customers around the world. At the same time, the Aishifu exhibition hall is located in the Huayi International Lifestyle Hall on the 9th floor of Huayi Plaza.

▲Asfour Crystal CEO Mr.Omar Khamis Asfour

Subsequently, honorary plaques were awarded on-site, which symbolized that the AISF Platform officially entered Huayi and joined forces with Huayi. It also meant that Huayi continued to go out of the circle and move towards a broader world, from China to the world's top universities. Quality soars. Ou Yingqun, President of Huayi Group, and Mr. Omar Khamis Asfour, CEO of Asfour Crystal, took the stage to jointly complete the awarding ceremony.

▲Aisifu Crystal Partner Awarding Ceremony in Mainland China

Franchise signing moving forward hand in hand

Huayi Lighting Franchise Signing Ceremony

Subsequently, a dealer franchise signing ceremony was held on site. Under the expectant eyes of everyone, representatives from both parties solemnly signed a cooperation agreement. This was not only an affirmation of trust in the brand, but also a firm commitment to joint development in the future.

Liu Mozhen, general manager of Huayi Group, gave a concluding speech at this new product launch conference, thanking everyone for your support and trust in Huayi. Your needs and expectations are the driving force for our continuous progress. In the future, Huayi will work with everyone to create brilliance with higher standards, stricter requirements and better services.

▲General Manager of Huayi Group Liu Mozhen

The scene is hot and orders are coming continuously

Warm atmosphere Full of harvest

The new products launched by Huayi Lighting this season shined at the ordering meeting. Their rich categories, unique designs, excellent quality and strong support policies have won unanimous recognition and high praise from dealers, and the atmosphere at the scene was warm. , setting off wave after wave of ordering boom.

▲Ordering site of 2024 Huayi Lighting spring new product launch conference

▲Orders are in hot demand on site

Huayi Lighting, as a leader in the lighting industry

With the spirit of continuous innovation and forward-looking strategic layout

Contribute wisdom and strength to the sustainable development of the industry

We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future

Let’s jointly write a glorious chapter in the lighting industry

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