Indoor Lighting

We can provide professional lighting engineering design schemes, fully consider light control, shape, structure, energy saving, safety and other related factors, effectively communicate with the construction party on construction and installation details, deepen and creatively design lighting, and complete one-stop indoor lighting Serve, realize and perfectly display the artistic charm of lighting.

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Lux Simulation/DiaLux

Indoor 2D/3D lighting effect diagram, DIALux illumination simulation

Lighting System Design

Including lamp selection, lamp parameter selection, lighting distribution system, circuit design

Scheme Deepening Design

According to the requirements of the project and design, cooperate with the engineering department to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the design scheme in terms of structural safety, function realization, lighting effects, installation environment, etc.

Control System Design

Including analog light control, intelligent light control, matching appropriate software and hardware platforms according to the project

Install Service

Engineers can be dispatched to the site to guide the installation

After-Sale Maintenance

24-hour online customer service, professional after-sales team, can provide up to 5 years warranty service

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