A full analysis of the article: Why do high-end customers at home and abroad choose Huayi Lighting?

September 12, 2022
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No.1Double Olympics Huayi, the endorsement of the Olympic project is even more out of the circle

Olympics, a country

An arena that demonstrates comprehensive strength and heritage

It is also an international stage where the strength of the brand goes out of the circle

2008 Huayi Lighting

Selected as the "Bird's Nest" facade lighting system supplier

Relying on the heavyweight endorsement of the National Olympic Project,

Huayi takes the lead and continues to make achievements in the construction of high-end projects at home and abroad

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Huayi Lighting

Provide lighting solutions for Beijing New Shougang Competition Area

Officially launched the brand label of "Double Olympic Huayi",

Further expand Huayi's leading edge and brand reputation in the field of high-end engineering construction

No.2 Hard-core production and research, dual product engines with full horsepower

Satisfying customers is the driving force for Huayi Lighting to achieve continuous commercial success and lead the industry for 36 years

Sitting on the advantageous resources of the characteristic industrial clusters in the city of lights,

Self-built 200,000㎡ lighting manufacturing industrial park,

A research and development team of 100 people and a special engineering construction team,

Maintain a long-term cooperative research and development relationship with Tsinghua University and Sun Yat-sen University,

Huayi Lighting ensures the perfect delivery of the project with its hard-core production, research and construction strength

Huayi has applied for more than 459 patents

With "high-end original lighting + intelligent lighting"

The dual-product engine precisely lays out the market demand of high-end customers,

Combining original advantages, patent reserves and technological innovation

Transform into core competitiveness and continue to create new value for global customers

No.3 The quality can be guaranteed, and the whole process of quality control is sharp and eye-catching

Huayi Lighting always adheres to "quality as life"

Develop a strict 5-level quality control process internally

Establish a good supplier management system externally

Strict quality control guarantee to ensure the standardization of the whole process

Huayi passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification

Its lighting series products have also successively obtained 3C, CE, ETL, UL, BIS and RCM and other domestic and foreign standard certifications

In order to strictly abide by the excellent performance of the product, every product that leaves the factory

It must pass the quality inspection of Huayi CNAS National Certification Laboratory

Stable and guaranteed delivery of good quality to every customer

No.4 Multi-polar development, where there is light, there is Huayi

Not only domestic and foreign decorative lighting projects,

Huayi lighting services span the residential, commercial, office,

High-end commercial and municipal public construction and other fields,

Provide professional services to customers in industry segments

Lamp lighting products and overall solutions,

Strong fans, accumulated excellent market reputation,

Let there be Huayi wherever there is light

Behind the achievement of every high-end customer and the perfect delivery of key projects is the practice and precipitation of Huayi's "high-end lighting" long-term philosophy. From brand building to production and research efficiency enhancement to quality assurance, Huayi Lighting continues to create new value for the majority of high-end customers, and create a better development with "Double Olympic Strength"!

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