Appeared at the Malaysia Commodity Fair, Cloud Expo 2022 Canton Fair丨Huayi continues to stimulate new growth in foreign trade!

November 19, 2022
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   Based on the "Belt and Road" initiative to explore the international market, gather strength to smooth the double cycle, open up a new situation in foreign trade development, Huayi Lighting goes overseas through multiple channels, continues to deepen overseas layout, actively participates in the construction of international projects, and doubles online and offline exhibitions to provide global customers with Lighting solutions, continue to create new value!

   From November 2nd to 4th, the 4th Guangdong (Malaysia) Commodity Fair 2022 was successfully held. After participating in the online Canton Fair in spring and autumn, Huayi Lighting took advantage of the victory to launch its first overseas offline exhibition in 2022, bringing original and hot-selling lighting products and solutions to the Kuala Lumpur World Trade Center, and digging into the first year of the Asia-Pacific RCEP agreement "" New business opportunities along the Belt and Road.

    In order to accurately meet the needs of Malaysian customers and investigate the needs of the entire Southeast Asian market, the business team of Huayi International Business Department will conduct market research and customer invitations after landing in Kuala Lumpur, and visit local lighting merchants to make full use of channels, expand influence, and get orders. Prepare.

    On the first day of opening, Huayi Lighting booth welcomed a large number of new and old customers to "check in" and negotiate on lighting project bidding in Malaysia and surrounding areas, centralized procurement of real estate lighting, and lighting import and retail business. The continuous development of urbanization in Malaysia has brought huge potential business opportunities to Hua Yi.

    Huayi Lighting highlighted the outdoor lawn lamps and indoor spotlights provided for the Beijing Universal Studios lighting project and the Uzbekistan 2022 Shanghai Cooperation Summit Project, and brought exclusive lighting solutions for different engineering fields to accurately reach the local market need.

    Since the impact of the global epidemic, Huayi has actively expanded its online international business, formed a mixed exhibition mode of "offline exhibition + online cloud exhibition", and successfully stabilized the basic market of foreign trade. Among them, as an old friend who has participated in the Canton Fair for many years, Huayi also relies heavily on the "Power of Canton Fair" as always, especially the new growth point brought about by the online upgrade of the exhibition.

    In April and October this year, Huayi Lighting participated in the two "Cloud Canton Fair" successively, focusing on The precise strategy of "Lighting+Solution", combined with various channels such as special live broadcast, VR exhibition hall, overseas video official website and social media EDM marketing, will expand the RCEP and "Belt and Road" circle of friends while stabilizing the basic market of foreign trade.

    With the help of "Cloud Canton Exchange", Huayi Lighting continues to improve the professional foreign language live broadcast team configuration, full time zone, multi-form, multi-dimensional display of overseas exclusive products, innovative solutions, and new plans for services such as overseas warehouses and cross-border dedicated logistics , Attracted a steady stream of inquiries from global customers.

    With the help of important foreign trade platforms such as the Malaysian Commodity Fair and the online Canton Fair, Huayi Lighting will make full use of the advantages of the complete industrial chain resources in the Greater Bay Area, seize the dividends of the RCEP policy, and use various forms such as brand agency, product export, and engineering cooperation to borrow Potential to integrate into the "Belt and Road" construction, continue to expand the overseas lighting market, and start the Huayi brand and Made in China!

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